Eric Topol steps down from West Health (US)

A recent change that escaped your Editors (and even the all-seeing Gimlet Eye), even as the weather changes, is the digital health influencer Eric Topol, MD’s quiet departure from the board of the West Health Institute at the end of September. Formerly the West Wireless Health Institute, the founders and now sole benefactors Gary and Mary West have been moving away from both mHealth and the Qualcomm partnership to a total focus on reducing the cost of health. Dr. Topol had been instrumental in founding the WWHI in 2009 and was Board vice-chairman/ chief innovation officer as well as their link to another San Diego foundation, Scripps Health, where he is chief academic officer. This change also coincides with the Qualcomm Foundation awarding a $3.75 million, three-year grant to the Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI), where Dr. Topol is a director. The projects to be funded include: clinical trials to validate wireless biosensor systems in the bloodstream; developing mobile apps and embedded sensors to identify specific type of proteins or antibodies; developing 20-minute diagnostic tests for pharmacies to determine whether a person is genetically compatible with selected drugs. Xconomy San Diego. Hat tip to reader Dr. George Margelis of Care Innovations/Australia