Embedded computing and telehealth: the virtual panel

Embedded Computing Design is not the first place one thinks of to find a lengthy discussion of telehealth by five leaders in the field, but…surprise! Interviewed (virtually): Steven Normandin (President, AMD), Joseph Kvedar, MD (Director, Center for Connected Health), Nick Augustinos (Director, Global Healthcare, Cisco), Joel Barthelemy (Managing Director, GlobalMedia) and Dr. Ed Brown (CEO, Ontario Telemedicine Network.) Where are opportunities and challenges?

Connectivity with wireless networks; conformity to product standards, appropriate business models, rigorous certification processes; usability in enabling patients and providers to leverage medical data; and security for protecting that data. In rhyme, they are The 4 “-e’s” of eHealth: connectivity, conformity, usability, security Included are Cisco’s HealthPresence, Dr. Kvedar using Vitality GlowCaps as an example of care adherence, AMD’s General Exam Camera, and using 2D smartphone scannable bar codes to link to online videos for education.