Electric Imp telecare potential?

This will turn out to be a pointer-to-the-near-future item if any telecare device manufacturers care to take it up: Los Altos-based start-up Electric Imp is looking to make putting ‘things’ into the internet cheaper and simpler with Imp, a Wi-Fi equipped card designed to connect appliances to the internet so that users can monitor and control them remotely. It’s similar concept to the Mindings and Twine systems we reported in November 2011. Imp is geared towards simple installation and working with a range of appliances. The novelty is that the card combines the power of Wi-Fi with cloud computing provided by Electric Imp, so that manufacturers do not need to create specific management software. More details in this item from Gizmag: Electric Imp promises a simpler cheaper path to the Internet of Things.

2 thoughts on “Electric Imp telecare potential?

  1. Hi just to let you know we’ve been using the electric imp to monitor elderly friends and family in multiple locations across Europe. I’ve built home monitoring solutions for people with Dementia using both wired and wireless building automation technolgies. Over the years we’ve gone from 10,000 GBP to 2000 GNP with the Electric imp we can now do the same for about 500 GBP.

    So potential realised, for more detail http://www.socialsensing.co.uk


  2. Hi Lawrence,

    Thanks for letting us know. It’s good to hear that our prediction that it could be done was right. It’s interesting to note that not one of the ‘big’ manufacturers seems to have taken up the challenge to do something with it. I guess they have too much invested in their in-house technologies.

    Good luck!
    Ed. Steve

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