Digital healthcare: the impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) on health and healthcare

I suspect that not many people these days feel they have time to read a dry-sounding 55 page report. But that would be a pity when it comes to this one published by the Royal Society before Christmas. They have actually compiled some interesting material which ranges across hospital and community healthcare settings and social care. Chapters cover:
• Predicted changes to health and healthcare in next 10-15 years
• Future technological developments
• Managing the introduction of ICTs
• Impact of ICTs on patients, carers and healthcare professionals
• Evaluation of ICTs in health and healthcare

I was particularly struck by Appendix one: predicted future availability of ICTs in healthcare, which links general technological trends and developments to potential healthcare applications. My first reaction was that their timescales were too pessimistic, but on reflection, given the human factors in take-up of new technologies, perhaps they are about right.

Begin with the press release from the Royal Society’s website. Then download the report or get a hard copy.