Developing an mHealth app for pharma

If you are developing or considering using for your product an mHealth app, whether for pharma or in another regulated area, this guest article on research2guidance by Lilly Germany’s Alexander Romantschuk guides you through best practices in the full process: market research, development, vendor selection, regulatory approvals (in this case, CE marking) and more. What does it take to develop a successful mHealth app?

1 thought on “Developing an mHealth app for pharma

  1. Many pharma companies have found a better path is choosing a partner skilled in creating and delivering mHealth solutions. Sticking to one’s core competencies (drug research & commercial selling) while bringing in mHealth experts to provide solutions for your various brands allows for faster time to market and familiarity in navigating med/legal/regulatory/IP. Plus some companies like WellDoc (where I work) specialize in full behavioral based adherence programs that can go beyond just an “app” and can deploy across web and most phones (not just iPhone, and not even just smartphones) – providing access for all patients. So, when going down this path… one may ask, “Should I reinvent the wheel? Or just order one that specifically suites my needs and comes with an experienced team?”

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