'Virtual reality' implemented for veterans' TBI and PTSD rehab (US)

TBI and psychological conditions are significant factors for returning veterans–it’s estimated that over 44% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have some degree of psychological conditions.  CAREN was developed by Dutch company Motek Medical and Polycom Telemedicine Solutions, which donated the estimated $500,000 machine to NICoE, making it one of five machines available in the entire world.  The new facility will be opened this Thursday, 24 June as part of the coming new campus of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.   Armed with Science (US DoD)Moten Medical fact sheet on software. 

2 thoughts on “'Virtual reality' implemented for veterans' TBI and PTSD rehab (US)

  1. Caren system
    Though I am not a veteran, I need to try this machine for my panic attacks.  How does one find a place to use this system?

  2. CAREN System
    Emily, I’d recomment that you look on the Motek Medical site, specifically on the client links, or to contact them for facilities  which are testing the CAREN system.  The article does state that there are only 5 locations worldwide and it’s a certainty that patients will be pre-screened. Good luck!

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