D2H2 and HS24

Did you know you were in a D2H2 industry? I didn’t until I read the first of these press releases. I note it has a ‘Printer friendly’ link. It’s a pity it doesn’t have a ‘Reader friendly’ link to make it easier to comprehend. Who writes these, and who is the intended audience? Rant aside, it’s an interesting little development by Biosign Technologies.

The second article is actually interesting once you penetrate the acronyms (“The HS24 platform is based on advanced concepts and technologies such as Body Area Networks (BAN), 2.5/3G wireless broadband communications (GPRS/UMTS) and wearable medical devices. Users are equipped with sensors interconnected under a BAN, and managed by a PDA or mobile telephone. The collected data is transmitted continuously via a wireless UMTS or GPRS service to a medical centre or directly to medical professionals.”) Hi-tech companies seem to believe that if you win the acronym battle you win the marketplace. Ah, but then, this is about an EU-funded project – for which, as we all know, a good international acronym is essential.