Telehealth for pain management–joint venture announced

Cypak, a technology developer based in Stockholm, and Meridian Health, a Neptune NJ-based non-profit healthcare provider, have announced what this editor [Donna] believes is the first-ever type of joint venture between two such organizations for healthcare.  iMPak Health’s first product is Health Journal for Pain:  a portable, lightweight wireless diary for recording pain levels before and after their prescribed medication regimen.  It uses Cypak’s Touch and Post technology, an implementation of Near Field Communication (NFC), a two-way technology based on RFID (see Cypak’s release at Continua Summit.)  The recorded information downloads via cellphone or ‘Smart Cable’ reader (developed by Cypak and A&D Medical) to a back end monitoring system accessible by the physician or clinician.   Based on the release, Cypak’s technology can also incorporate sensors; other product offerings will be targeted to diabetes, depression, weight management and asthma. Meridian Health release.