CSIP’s March Telecare Newsletter

Categories: Latest News.

CSIP’s March Telecare Newsletter, published on Good Friday, contains a brief report on the recent CSIP Telecare Outcomes events and a link to the web page where the presentations can be found. The main body points to various UK Government department sites of relevance to the UK telecare community. There are links to two [new? at least, I’ve not seen them before] web pages which amount to, in effect, a directory of UK telecare services to rival that of the TSA. First, the listing of telecare services with links to their own web pages and then links to the Telecare Profiles and Service Information (in Word document formats) that CSIP has been collating.

There are also 5½ pages of links to telecare-related news stories.

Most interesting, though, is the ‘Supplier Supplement’ (24 pages) published with this month’s newsletter. Its aim appears to be to give suppliers an opportunity to tell us how they have been contributing to the ‘success’ of telecare adoption. However, there are some notable suppliers missing: HomeTeleHealth Ltd; Tynetec; Vivatec and Alertacall to name but four. Did they not botther to respond to an invitation to contribute? Were they not asked? Or did they not sponsor the Telecare Outcomes events? I think the inclusion criteria should be made clear.

Links to newsletter and supplement in pdf form. Newsletter index page.