CSIP December Telecare LIN eNewsletter themed reports

As flagged up earlier this week, Mike Clark from CSIP has been delving into the Performance Assessment information by the 150 social care authorities by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) during April/May 2008 and, by searching on various keywords, has produced some ‘themed reports’ from them.

These cover:

  • Dementia
  • Telehealth and Telemedicine
  • Falls
  • Intermediate Care, Hospital Discharge and Re-ablement
  • Extra Care [in progress]
  • Evaluation, benefits, business case

Examples of the dementia ones are given in the eNewsletter itself and, to be clear, these are not statistical reports but useful collections of comments provided in response to the request for additonal information, as in:

  1. Evidence of the outcomes resulting from Telecare services for those receiving new Telecare services since April 2006.
  2. Plans to mainstream and ensure sustainability of a range of Telecare services with partner organisations from 2008 onwards.

The reports are therefore handy ways of accessing parts of the responses that may be of particular interest. To take one small example from the Evaluation, Benefits and Business Case report, we learn that since the start of the Enhanced Telecare Project in Blackpool there have been 131 installations and, as at 31 March 2008, there are 89 homes with Enhanced Telecare equipment [and of those] the following reported outcomes have been achieved, although some users reported multiple outcomes:

  • Delay admission to a care home – 50
  • Delay admission to a nursing home – 1
  • Reduce care at home hours – 9
  • Reduce admissions to hospital – 36
  • [list continues]

Owing to the nature of the beast, therefore, anyone hoping to find hard analytical data in these reports will be disappointed but they can certainly be used for inspiration and ideas and to lend weight to the case for new local developments.

The reports are in MS Word format and are available from this web page.