CSIP: Councils well on way to hitting telecare target (UK)

The full report is in the Care Services Improvement Partnership’s August Telecare Newsletter (2 September 2007) and well-summarised by e-Health Insider Primary Care’s item Target met for 60,000 new telecare users. For the full analysis go to the telecare newsletter (4.3Mb download). Sections 1d and e (page 5 on) give detailed discussion of the ‘factors affecting collection and accuracy of data’ and discussion of the conclusions’.

This is clearly welcome news, but just how much of the count comprises people who received old-style community alarms or key safes is still a concern. It will be interesting to hear suppliers’ view on these findings.

Also of interest in the newsletter is a report (p40) of work at the University of York’s Centre for Usable Home Technology (CUHTec) which includes a description of the work of jewellery designer Jayne Wallace and a pair of necklaces that, when one is handled, signals to the other wearer. The aim is “to explore the notion of shared presence”.