Cornish democracy slams brakes on IT outsourcing (including telehealth) (UK)

Cornish councillors, prompted by a large petition, have stopped for further reconsideration, an outsourcing of services that included significant telehealth and telecoaching elements. Here’s one councillor’s blog about it: Shared Services Halted. For some background published before today’s vote, see this post: BT bids with Cornwall as its partner – and no partnership deal in place yet It looks like another fine procurement shambles. It will be interesting to know what effect, if any, it may have on the Roche UTI pilot just reported.

Info on the telehealth element: Cornwall to buy ‘at scale’ tele-services E-HealthInsider

More background: What competition means for Cornwall Computer Weekly Public Sector IT

UPDATE: Friday 26 October: Cornwall already doing deals with BT (BT’s telehealth plans feature strongly)

Heads-up thanks to Mike Clark.