CCGs to lead huge telehealth expansion (UK)

CCGs to lead huge telehealth expansion is the headline on a GP Online item about the announcement of the ‘pathfinder’ sites that are using lessons from, and being studied after, the Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) RTC, as noted at the end of this TA item.

The news that the pathfinder sites will have kit and/or services offered to them with ‘no upfront costs’ must worry suppliers who, no doubt, will be expected to finance this deal. However, if you believe that having Department of Health (DH) and Ministerial endorsement of a policy is a plus despite their recent meddling in the NHS being so despised by front line staff, then the profile now being given to telehealth by DH and the Ministers will cheer you up.

1 thought on “CCGs to lead huge telehealth expansion (UK)

  1. Bravo Mike Clark for your comments made on GP Online 😆

    The delivery of the most ‘appropriate technology’ in lots of different forms should be the push of 3ML to ensure the patient has choice and increase adoption of self care, not ‘Telehealth will solve it all’

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