Bosch Healthcare in US: interesting moves too

Editor Steve’s impressions on Robert Bosch Healthcare and the absence to date of an ‘aggressive sales position in the UK’ [Tuesday TSA conference report, 9th from end] are interestingly mirrored in the US.  While Bosch has done large-scale tests with CMS (Medicare), their US profile has been equally laid back.  This editor [Donna] is now of the opinion that this is changing, rather quietly but definitely.  Shoe drop #1:  in September, Bosch Healthcare contracted with a top-level healthcare PR agency (GCI Group, part of communications giant WPP). Shoe drop #2: joining Continua Health Alliance [TA 13 Oct]. Shoe drop #3: on 10 November, Bosch announced a partnership with leading home health monitoring and installation provider VRI, providing Bosch products with ‘access to VRI’s remote monitoring, equipment logistics, adherence, and alert stratification services.’  This indicates to this observer that major development is in the offing for 2011.  Conclusion–keep your eyes on the quiet ones!