The early line on the Blackberry Torch

To extend from Jeff Brandt’s Soapbox on Android vs. iPhone, the physicians and healthcare business professionals who are still thumbing away on their BlackBerries are increasingly jumping ship.  RIM’s ‘catch-up’, the Torch 9800, will be in US stores 12 August, a hybrid combining a touch screen with the traditional (now slide out) keypad.  New features/upgrades all sound in the right direction–but who made the on-the-face-of-it boneheaded marketing decision to exclusively go with AT&T (iPhone’s home) rather than through greater coverage Verizon (Android territory)? And since Verizon Wireless is one of the lead players in healthcare network services, a BlackBerry marketer but crossing many of their health applications over to Android…not a smooth move. First looks before the tech blogs crack it open: Jeremy Olshan, NY Post;   Amber Sutherland, ‘The Torch won’t set the world on fire.’ Wall Street Journal

[Update 5 August:  ZDNet’s Jason Perlow analyzes BlackBerry’s eroding ‘beachhead’ in large enterprise settings, especially those which need top security–as healthcare does.]