Big bet on telecare round #2: Healthsense gets $7 million Series D funding

Back in May we noted MedCityNews‘ report that Healthsense, one of the early entrants in the remote behavioral/ADL monitoring sector of telecare with their eNeighbor system, had filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise $13.7 million in Series D financing. $7 million has now been raised from the Merck Global Health Innovation Fund and the Fallon Community Health Plan. Major Healthsense investors are Radius Ventures and the Ziegler Companies. $6.7 million to go. Minneapolis-St.Paul Business Journal. Release.  

UPDATED 1 OCT: Minneapolis Star-Tribune article on financing. However, the reporter seems to position the financing as enabling Healthsense to develop predictive capabilities of data. If that is true, in Editor Donna’s estimation, they are behind other behavioral telecare companies such as Care Innovations’ QuietCare and WellAware, which have long used modeling of data on customized reports and alerts to notify professional staff (in assisted and independent living, a non-medicalized environment) to developing health conditions.  What is interesting is this quote from the article: “The plan is for raw data, analyzed by Healthsense’s own medical staff, [Ed. Donna emphasis] to be transformed into detailed and timely “health notes” that direct staff can use to ensure proper care.”   If the reporter is correct and not misinterpreting, Healthsense is moving beyond ‘flagging staff’ into diagnostics, and that may put them squarely into FDA-land. The other tidbit is Healthsense’s size information: 15,000 people in 18 states.