An observation about Telecare Aware readers

The received wisdom is that, come July and August, it is the holiday season and that most people are away from work. But, it seems, not Telecare Aware readers.

When I send out an update alert email, I get ‘out of office’ messages back in return. However, last year and this I noticed that the number of these drop off considerably at this time of year, implying that most of you are at your desks! It may be because you tend to be at a stage in your lives where holidays do not revolve around the school year so you avoid taking time off now but, whatever the reason, it’s a fair bet that many of you will be feeling rather worn out and in need of a holiday!

So I decided to post the following ‘new science v old science’ article which talks about personal energy low points in the day and what you can do about them. OK, it’s completely off-topic as far as telecare is concerned, but if you don’t look after yourselves, who will look after your clients? Click here to read An 8-Point Energy Solution.

1 thought on “An observation about Telecare Aware readers

  1. Thanks for the article on keeping your energy up during the day. I’ve just read it in my windowless (ex-nuclear bunker) office having attended a working lunch which offered exactly the opposite foods to those suggested.
    The laughter generated by the article was quite energising but I think I’ll have to stick to the caffeine and and hold out for my holiday.

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