Aerotel's Wireless Data Hub receives FCC certification (Israel/US)

According to Aerotel’s press release, its new data hub, Connect-Cell has received FCC certification. However, as the release does not tell us when it received it, we can’t tell whether this is new news or old news warmed up to publicise Aerotel’s presence at the Medica 2010 exhibition in Germany in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Aerotel’s FCC certification

    You can dig this stuff up on the FCC’s website at (click on equipment authorisations and do a search on company name). The most recent grant for Aerotel is for re-certifying for the use of Cinterion’s (used to be Siemens) GSM module (the MC55i). Basically it appears they’ve integrated it with no changes and then got a grant (with Cinterion’s agreement) to use Cinterion’s existing grant for use in obtaining a new grant code. This is common practise for marketing purposes.

    [Ed. note Steve:  Thank you Chris for the clarification!]

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