Additional funding for WSD telecare and telehealth programme as social care 'debate' announced

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In the context of announcing yet another period of public consultation on the future of social care for adults (basically older and disabled people) leading to another Green Paper next year, UK’s Secretary of State for Health, Alan Johnson, today announced that £31 million would be put into the three Long Term Conditions Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) projects in Cornwall, Kent and Newham. Whether this includes, or is in addition to, the £12 million previously announced is not clear.

I speculate that the additional amount is required in order to fund the programme adequately – the initial £12 million having been shown to be too little in the light of the three site’s firmed up plans. This announcement also probably explains the heavy Department of Health (DH) embargo on news on progress from the sites until now. First it will not have wanted sites to expose the shortfall in funding and second, when internal wrangling about finding the additional funding was resolved, they would have wanted to keep the ‘good news’ for the Secretary of State’s announcement.

Now DH has made its national announcement, let’s hope that we can have some real information – and, hopefully, real good news for patients and clients – from the demonstrator sites.

DH press release with details of the consultation and telecare/telehealth spending.

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  1. Steve,
    Is this not another example of announcing the same money twice? Is this not the second tranch of the £60M headline figure for the WSD from last year