A question for you…

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Apart from the ‘MyAmego’ item it is a slow news week so I have a chance to ask you something about Telecare Aware.

I’ve always set links so that when you click on them they open in a new browser tab (or window if you are using an old browser). However, I know this annoys some people. They like to have the choice of either opening them over the existing page or of opening a new one. (The latter is easily done by right-clicking the link and choosing that option or by clicking with the middle mouse button or scroll wheel.)

I’d like to know if you
1. prefer links to open as they do now (vote Yes), or
2. prefer them to open in the same window (in which case you would need to use your browser Back button to get back to Telecare Aware) (Vote No), or
3. do not have a preference


By the way, once you have voted, you can see how everyone else has.

Thanks, Steve