3millionlives: Would you trust this machine to act as your GP? (UK)

The 3ML organisers will find that seeking publicity is a two-edged sword. See the following article by the UK’s populist newspaper the Daily Mail as it responds to 3ML publicity from Bosch and Tunstall with a good description of telehealth monitoring…but look how their readers respond in their comments! Apart from the two errors* in the item, it indicates what the 3ML campaign will be up against. Some readers might want to post a more balanced reaction. Would you trust this machine to act as your GP?

* The Bosch part of the item implies that 3ML is all about 3 million telehealth users and ignores telecare users, and Tunstall’s UK & Ireland Managing Director Simon Arnold says “Telehealth staff are not medically trained…” That may be true of Tunstall Healthcare, but it is not true of all telehealth companies.

2 thoughts on “3millionlives: Would you trust this machine to act as your GP? (UK)

  1. Unfortunately comments are closed on the original [i][apologies, I hadn’t checked, Steve][/i] but it is hardly surprising people react in such a negative or dismissive manner when the article includes phrases such as:

    [quote]Effectively patients are monitored 24 hours a day in their own homes[/quote]
    – another from Simon Arnold – giving the impression that a person is connected to a machine 24/7 … and
    [quote]Within the decade the attachments, such as arm cuffs, will be dispensed with and a microchip implanted under the skin will constantly communicate the state of our health to ‘the box’.[/quote]

    It is a pity they didn’t start off with June’s story; she brought honesty and balance with her account, including explaining how a mistake in applying the technolgoy was rectified.

    Another awareness raising opportunity missed!

  2. I agree with you Cathy the whole slant of the article seems to be positive towards Telehealth yet the Headline, a couple of errors and a litlle scaremongering have made into a missed opportunity.

    GPs will never be replaced; micro chipping may come in over the next decade but it will be with a very select few who VOLUNTEER; monitoring 24/7 will only ever happen in a hospital and even that might be 11/7 due to staffing and pressures!!

    If Steve Arnold did indeed state that Telehealth staff are not medically trained then it was a big error on his part as even Tunstall utilise medically trained staff for some of their services – as well as those unsung heroes the Telehealth Monitoring Nurses that are out there in the wilds of a Trust building near you….

    Some comments hone in on these errors thus making it more negative than positive. Shame

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