3millionlives: Giving the wrong impression? (UK)

Editor Steve hears that the two recent 3ML publicity events were a success in attracting attendees from the NHS and other people with an interest in commissioning telecare and telehealth. Good.

He also hears that there was a blurring in the presentation of the campaign and of a company taking a role in the leadership group. Attendees were also given the impression that they were talking to the Department of Health (DH) rather than an industry partner. To whom can the people who observed this complain? The matter of the inhibiting effect of the TSA’s mixed roles as industry representative body and as industry regulator has been raised before. [TA April 2012] Who can speak truth to power in these circumstances? Let us hope that Chris Wright, DH’s recently-appointed 3ML project manager, will get a grip on the messages being given.