Unveiling a 'healthy' International CES in New York

Editor Donna wandered over this afternoon to New York’s Union Square (where the lights are all on now) for the Consumer Electronics Association’s preview of International CES, the annual Las Vegas extravaganza held 8-11 January 2013. And no surprise, the excitement’s all about tablets and smartphones–but what is a little surprising is the CES emphasis on health and wellness as a growth area that is a result.

The projected growth of tablets is stunning:

  • Holiday projections are that tablets are the most wanted holiday item and that sales will be up 113%.
  • Smartphones are becoming more routine, and have just passed the 50% user adoption level in the US.
  • Without tablets and smartphones, US electronics shipment annual growth, now projected to be up 6%, would be down 11 points to -5%.

According to CEA’s chief economist Shawn duBravac and head industry analyst Steve Koenig, applications around health, fitness and full fledged home health care have exploded as developers build out tablets–an unintended consequence of this explosive growth. Thus 2013 CES is devoting more TechZones around and including health and telehealth. The umbrella of Living in Digital Times includes TechZones Digital Health Summit (with 215 exhibitors), Silvers Summit and (new) Fitness Tech. Health also shows up in TechZones such as Robotics and Eureka Park for startups/early stage companies (the last including Affectiva and Scanadu recently covered here).

And after the talk there was some show ‘n’ tell for exhibitors….including an impressive debut…