Nowhere to hide when FDA and HIT collide

It paraphrases a 1950s sci-fi movie ad campaign, but it’s not fantasy.  Expect that FDA will be regulating hospital and other caregiver mHealth (and by implication, all the ‘teles’, eHealth and the FCC’s favored term ‘eCare’) if they stray beyond the practice of medicine into developing, modifying or selling HIT that starts to resemble what FDA classifies as ‘devices.’  Brad Thompson presents his legal point of view in his latest article over at Mobihealthnews(Our 25 February article on FDA and EMRs, with link to previous Thompson article here)

[Editor’s update 22 April.]  Brad Thompson’s summary of his eight-article series, plus a preview of the eighth and final article, follows.  It is reprinted here from his posting on LinkedIn with his permission: