2 thoughts on “O2 Health announces first NHS deals

  1. NHS – O2 Health

    AS O2 is on the Buying Solutions framework for telecare services, I guess that these customers could have saved a lot of resources by avoiding a tendering operation. However, we must assume that the type of service that they are providing must make use of a monitoring centre somewhere.

    Is it accredited with the TSA Code of Practice for Monitoring? – surely a basic requisite for a quality service? Where is it situated? – is it in the UK? In fact, if it’s in England, does the NHS in Scotland allow medical data to be stored over the border?

    Is there a disaster recovery centre somewhere that will allow uninterrupted service in the event of one of the many types of calamity (including an outbreak of swine flu) that could affect a centre?

    It is good to see new players (and big ones too) in the telecare and telehealth fields, but how many times have BT tried and failed to make an impression here? Should the telcos lead the way any more than the handset manufacturers?

    At the end of the day, we need services to exploit technologies, so O2, and the Oranges and Apples of this world (not forgetting the Blackberries!) should be developing partnerships with local health and social care delivery organisations to transform the way that we try to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable people. It is those partnerships that the commissioners should be buying services from.

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